Portable Video Data Recorder

Portable Video Data Recorder

CameraOnPole1The Portable Video Data Recorder (PVDR), is a convenient, easy way to collect traffic data, such as Turning Movement Counts, Traffic Counts, Pedestrian Counts, Gap studies or many others.

Simply set the PVDR in the field by mounting the telescope pole against any street sign or utility pole, program your start/stop time on the DVR, then return anytime after your study is completed.  Remove the SD card from the video recorder and then insert it into your PC and process the time-stamped video study at your convenience. No special software is required.  Never worry about being late, not having the time, or enough manpower.  This system eliminates all of these worries.  You can set the PVDR out days before your study and return days later.  You can set your PVDR to record 4 different start/stop times.  No complicated downloading software or spending hours uploading your data.  You can review your study directly on the portable recorder’s DVR or more typically on your own PC back in your office. You can even fast-forward the video for faster processing time.

Setup is very easy. Click here for detailed instructions on how to setup the PVDR, including more photos of the system.

Worried about Security? Click here for photos that show how you can secure the pole and camera.

Want to see a sample video? Click here.

PVDR Kit(400)2This is the kit you buy from us.

The basic kit has the telescoping pole, the case, and the camera.

The camera is shown on the left, where it is stored when not mounted on the pole.

The DVR is on the right. This connects to the camera. An SD memory card plugs into the DVR and stores the video data. The gell cell battery is in the middle, and the video monitor is below it. You use the monitor to check the camera positioning before data collection and to review the data after.

Optional accessories include the mounting fixture to attach the pole to a convenient sign, light pole, or tree,  chain/lock kits, and the solar charging panel.

Below on left is a closeup of the open case. On the right is the case closed. You can see the optional solar panel on the top which is used to trickle charge the battery. The case is made of high impact plastic and is weather resistant. (The sticker is to discourage prying eyes).

PVDR-OpenBox2(400) Box Exterior(400)

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