Portable video recorder 5000

Convenient and easy saves time and money

PVR 5000 uses

Intersection Movement Count
Vehicle Counts
Pedestrian Movements
Red Light Violators
Lane queuing monitor
And more

The Portable Video Recorder (PVR), is a convenient, easy way to collect data.
Simply set the PVR in the field by mounting the telescope pole against any street sign or utility pole, program your start/stop time on the DVR, then return anytime after your study is completed. Remove the SD card from the video recorder and then insert it into your PC and process the time-stamped video study at your convenience. No special software is required. Never worry about being late, not having the time, or enough manpower. This system eliminates all of these worries. You can set the PVR out days before your study and return days later. You can set your PVR to record 4 different start/stop times. No complicated downloading software or spending hours uploading your data. You can review your study directly on the portable recorder’s DVR or more typically on your own PC back in your office. You can even fast-forward the video for faster processing time.

The PVR Kit $1495

The basic kit has the telescoping pole at the top, the case, and the camera (see above). Optional accessories include the mounting fixture to attach the pole to a convenient sign, light pole, or tree, chain/ lock kits, and the solar charging panel.

kit open

This is the case open. The DVR is on the right. This connects to the camera mounted on the pole. An SD memory card plugs into the DVR and stores the video data. The gel cell battery is in the middle, and the video monitor is below it. You use the monitor to check the camera positioning before data collection and to review the data after.


* How is the data processed and viewed on the computer?  Open Format Video Recording
* Will the camera record at night?  Yes
* How do you see what the camera sees?  Each system has it’s own display unit
* Can you adjust the camera’s angle or use a different camera? Yes
* What type of charger is used and how often should the unit be charged?  Any 12 v charger with,no more than 3 amps
* How many different start/ stop times can you program the unit? 4
* What are the file sizes?  Varies from ½ gb to 1.5 gb per hr
* What is the maximum size and type of storage cards used? 32gb

Setting up the PVR

Installation step 2

Attach the camera to the pole & Set to height

Attach the camera to the pole and attach the video and power plugs.  Place the pole in the bracket and strap it in.  Raise the pole to the desired height using the adjustable collars on the pole.
Installation step 3

Set up the DVR and secure the equipment

Plug camera wires into case. Turn on the monitor.  Set up the DVR according to the specifications in the user manual.  Attach chains and locks to the case and secure the case to the pole or fixed structure.


PVR Specifications

Detailed List

* 18.5 x 6.9 x 14.1 weather proof  protector case with lockable latches        
* High definition DVR (780x640)
* High resolution SONY 1/3" CCD adjustable zoom lens weatherproof camera
* 76” extends to 240” fiberglass pole
* 12 volt 28ah rechargeable sealed battery
* 5.5inch display for viewing camera angle and programming DVR
* 3a Amp battery charger (optional)
 mounting bracket (optional)
* 3 locks and 6’ chains (optional)

Up to 72 hours without recharge based on weather conditions
Uses up to (32g sd card) 30 to 72 hours of continuous recording @ 15-30 fps:

Free email and phone technical support. 



Warranty-90 day on all parts except due to water damage.
Specifications are subject to change