Traffic Counting Products and Services

We continually search for new and innovative ways to collect accurate traffic data. We test many forms of traffic counting equipment and software, so we can be confident of the accuracy of our equipment and software, and so we can always apply the correct applications for each job.

The following is a list of typical services relative to data collection:

·         Intersection counts (Turning Movement Counts)

·         Signal Warrants

·         Signal Timing monitoring

·         Driveways counts

·         Speed studies 

·         Portable Machine Counts [Volume, Vehicle Classification, Speed, Gap]

·         Pedestrian Counts

·         Queuing Studies

traffic counting

manual counts

Hand-held Traffic Data Collectors are known around the world as the most accurate and reliable way to collect intersection data for analysis. They eliminate manually transcribing numbers or typing errors. Our hand-held data collectors can be easily downloaded to a computer and data can be emailed in minutes.

portable machine counts

Utilizing an array of state of the art traffic data collection tools including a full line of traffic counters and classifiers such as the new Trax Flex shown here. It records data faster than any counter before it, providing the highest degree of accuracy.  These traffic counters and classifiers can be set up in a portable setting and use a variety of sensors to suit different applications.


Accuracy is the key component in the collection of data. Our highly trained teams utilizes software programs such as PetraPro (shown here) specifically designed to process and tabulate manual and mechanical count data . This technology ensures that you are provided clear, accurate, and easy-to-read data summaries.